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Updated - 03.08.2019


Buckler VPN is well aware of the anxiety of users about their confidentiality. That’s exactly why we have decided to come up with this privacy policy document, so that users had an understanding about their personal information collected once they download and run our software.
By using Buckler VPN, downloading or installing Buckler VPN services, the user confirms that he has read the privacy policy, as well as agrees to any changes made to privacy policy in the future.


Once you turn on Buckler VPN, we encrypt all of your traffic between your device and our VPN servers. We also provide you with Transport Layer Security 1.2 combined with Perfect Forward Secrecy, 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard. It’s also worth mentioning HMAC message authentication. If you are using some sort of insecure public Wi-Fi connection, then Buckler VPN will provide you with safety. We also encrypt all of your personal data, so that your internet provider can’t see what websites you visit. Your internet provider won’t see anything at all when you have our software turned on.
We also support all measures of protection, including: administrative, physical and technical. We do that to make sure that none of your personal information gets destructed, accidentally lost, misused, or anything else that may happen to it.

Personal Information

What kind of personal information is collected about me?
We may collect any personal collect that has to deal with the identifiable individual. Your personal information is collected from a number of sources described below.
Buckler VPN always tells if the user should provide his personal information and why. We also tell you what will happen if you decide not to provide your personal information. So, let’s say you decided not to give out your personal information for your own reason. What happens is you won’t be able to benefit from some of the features that we provide on our website, so think twice.
There are 2 types of personal information that we gather:

  • Personal information you choose to give us;
  • Personal information that is automatically collected when you use our VPN.
There is a lot of personal information collected about the user, including his IP address, email, unique mobile ID, username. However, none of this personal information is associated with the activities you do on the internet, so don’t worry. In addition, when you are connected to Buckler VPN, your IP address is stored in encrypted formal till the end of the session, and is deleted immediately the second you disconnect from out VPN.

Personal Information You Provide Us With

We collect any information that you allow you share with us during the use of our services. So, for instance, if you want to register on our website, or buy a subscription, then we will get to know your email and payment information. Creating an account to use our VPN services is not essential, so it’s always us up to you whether you want to give away your personal information.
In case you didn’t know, your personal information is collected by third-party members when you make a payment via your credit/debit card, PayPal, Google Play Store, or Apple App Store, so if you have any questions, you will need to read their privacy policies as well.
Some of you may perceive it as something obvious, but we want to be sure that you know it: if you get in touch with us, then we will get your personal information as well. Such cases may occur if you need to contact our customer support, then we will obviously receive any kind of personal information that you decide to provide us with.

Personal Information That We Collect Automatically

Buckler VPN collects information about you when you use our services. So, if you decided to turn our VPN and do any activity on the internet, then you personal information will be gathered automatically. Here is a more detailed explanation on the types of personal information that we collect when you use our services:
In fact, we collect personal information about you even before you connect to our VPN servers, including: your unique mobile ID, language that you are using, hardware model of your smartphone, operating system version, and network information. Your IP address may also be collected to determine the approximate location where you live. This information can only be used to troubleshoot problems, perform analytics, as well as to make our services even better. Your IP address can also be gathered by our service providers, but only for marketing attribution purposes. Nothing more than that. Besides, your IP address is deleted from our base the second you end your session.
We never keep logs of your online activities, so you are guaranteed full confidentiality. Opposite goes for the websites that you visit, because we actually store them. This is done for 2 main reasons:

  • To be sure that you can access all of the websites;
  • To fix any errors that may occur during the use of our services, as well as improve some of our features.
Your personal information may be collected automatically from your device with the help of our partners( Maxmind, Google Analytics) and third party providers. Besides, we may also place cookies, beacons, as well some other technologies in the emails that you get from us and in your browser. Your information is used to be sure that our website is working properly. We also want to see the amount of users that visit our pages, as well as protect you from possible fraud. It’s up to you whether you should provide us with your personal information through the use of cookies. You can also disable cookies with your browser if you wish to do so. However, you should remember that you may be unable to use some of the features of our website if you decide not to accept cookies. If you want to read more information about the cookies, then you can take a look at the Digital Advertising Alliance’s Self-Regulatory Program, which you can visit on this website:, or you can take a closer look at the Network Advertising Initiative at
You already that know your IP address may be collected when you use our services, but you should also remember that it is never stored beyond that point. We only use your IP address to derive your approximate location. If you want to learn more about how we treat your IP, then you should get acquainted with “When you use Buckler VPN” section.
When you use our software, your device-specific information is being collected, including: unique mobile ID, operating system version, hardware model, browser, operating system version, language, mobile network names, internet service providers. We repeat: this information is being used to make sure our website functions properly and perform analytics, but that’s it.
We also use Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics on our websites. These services use cookies and they are need for collecting information about use of the services. If you want to know more about Google’s practices, then you can do so by visiting their website:

You can also download Google Analytcs opt-out browser add-on here:

How do we use your Personal Information?

Your personal information is the key to the success of the site, because with your help we can fix all of the problems and improve our features. We use your personal information to:

  • Provide new features, expand our servers, answer your questions, provide customer support to our customers;
  • Contact you for both informational and administrative purposes. What this means is our customer support is always ready to help you, and we will also inform you if there any changes to our terms of use;
  • Provide you with marketing messages;
  • Be sure that you are totally protected from fraud;
  • To be able to implement our Terms of Service
If you happen to live in the European Economic Area, then your personal information will be proceeded only based on the legal basis, including:

  • When we need your personal information to provide our services. These include: account registration, customer support, as well as the ability to answer to your inquiries;
  • We have the juridical rights to use your personal information;
  • When we have a justifiable interest in using your personal information. This happens when we want to troubleshoot possible problems on our website, improve our services, conduct business analytics, as well as do some other things. You can be sure that your personal information is in safe hands and is never being used against you;
  • If you agree to provide us your personal information.

How do we share your personal information?

As it was already stated above, your personal information is only used to make our services better. However, it can be shared in come cases: 1) if we decide to sell our business; 2) if there is an order from the court. We never log your personal information and your IP is deleted once you disconnect from our VPN.
Here is a more detailed explanation as to who we share your personal information with and why:
Your personal information is being shared with our third party service providers. They do a lot of stuff to make our website better, including:website hosting, data analysis, payment processing, information technology, email delivery, customer service, online advertising, fraud prevention, as well as other services.

When you launch our software, your IP address will be collected. We do this determine your approximate location. We will automatically delete your IP address after you close our website.
Buckler VPN has two versions: free and premium. If you use the free version of Buckler VPN, then we may share your approximate location with the advertisers. However, if you use our premium version, then none of the advertisers are able to track down your location.
We may also share your information to a potential acquirer in case we decide to do something with our business. Bankruptcy and similar proceedings are also possible.
Please remember that we never ask you to provide any contact information. You never have to do that even if you want to download something from our website or use our VPN. We don’t log your IP address, same goes for your online activities, because we provide privacy to our customers. That means that we generally don’t have any personal information to share with law enforcement.
However, your personal information may be shared if the law forces us to do so or if we think that such action is convenient: 1) In accordance with the law, even if it isn’t your country; 2) to comply with legal process; 3) If we have any requests from public or government authorities; 4) If it’s listed so in our terms and conditions; 5) To defend ourselves and our operations; 6) To protect our operations and operations of our users; 7) To limit the damage we may sustain.
Remember, that if you use the premium version of our app, then none of your information will be shared with advertisers.
If it is legal, Buckler VPN has the right to use and share any information that does not identify the individual for their own purposes.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

Buckler VPN might change this policy at times, so our customers should regularly check this page to be sure that they agree with our privacy policy. We may also inform our users about new changes.

Contact information

If you haven’t found an answer to your question in this overview, then you can always contact our support at


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